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This project was a nerd dream come true. Doug Bradley asked Tolin FX to team up with fx makeup legend Tom Savini to bring Doug’s iconic Pinhead character to life once more, after a 14 year hiatus. Doug Bradley has taken the horror convention to an unconventional place. Ordinarily if you wanted a piece of the Pinhead energy that Doug is so full of, you’d line up at his booth and meet Doug himself. You’d shake his hand, tell him how much you love Pinhead, and hope that some of that energy rubbed off on you. But Doug wanted really push this idea, and give convention goers a chance to meet the actual Pinhead from Hellraiser, instead of just the actor who brought the character to life. So he had set builders and lighting and sound designers to recreate a scene from Hellraiser, while having Allison and Sean Boyle design and create a replica costume, and Tolin FX with Tom Savini create the makeup, and did just that. And the results were amazing! Everyone loved meeting Pinhead- some laughed, some cried, and one person peed themselves. The first experience took place in Pheonix Arizona at Mad Monster Fest, and Doug promises more of the Pinhead Experience in the coming months and years. So keep your eyes peeled for Pinhead kids!


Tolin FX was approached about this amazing opportunity by way of reference from Allison and Sean Boyle, who built the awesome costume for the Pinhead Experience. We all initially thought we were looking for a silicone mask solution to this challenge. But after several tests with Doug Bradley and Tom Savini, we decided step by step that we wanted to use prosthetics. So we eventually landed right where Doug started all those years ago with foam latex appliances. The project was spearheaded by Kyle Roberts, who was instrumental in the lifecast and also sculpted two (so far) versions of the makeup. He also did all of the application,. being primarily assisted by Jason Baker, with Tolin and Savini stepping in to give their creative input. Jackie Pickens and Anthony Scott did the bulk of the plaster work, casting the lifecast and creating the molds. The project was a huge success and we are signed on with Doug to do many more!


  • FX Makeup
  • Custom Props


Project Lead

Steve Tolin

Sculptor & Lead Makeup Artist

Kyle Roberts

Animatronic Props

Devin Seman

Mold Making

Jackie Pickens