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From design to fabrication and execution, Tolin FX offers full service. From design to fabrication and execution, Tolin FX offers full service.


The art of makeup effects transforms actors into characters. We have studied the masters such as Rick Baker, Stan Winston and Jim Henson, and Dick Smith and implement the tried and true techniques that they developed over the past century. We also look to our contemporaries and industry publications for the latest in prosthetics and new makeup, learning the newest cutting edge techniques. We also try to innovate the industry ourselves, looking for better tools and techniques constantly.

At Tolin FX we create a variety of fx makeups, such as character, old age, monster, creature, zombie, and trauma. We can handle the entire fx makeup process from beginning to end. We can design, take lifecasts, sculpt and create prosthetics, apply the makeup, or manage the character on set to keep it all looking awesome. We create fx makeups out of the kit using traditional techniques and implement build up materials such as colladian, wax and latex, and create prosthetics using gelatin, foam latex, silicone, vinyl encapsulation, and pros-aide transfers.


Monsters are our true passion. Building a full creature suit is challenging, requiring a lot of planning and effort. We've created enough monster suits to know that many factors must be considered that only experience can account for, such as actor ergonomics, suit durability and endurance, engineering and mechanics, power supplies, etc.

Tolin FX has had the joy of creating several full monster suit creatures for film. Our first was The Bugman from the feature film Steve produced, It Came from Yesterday, pictured left. We have made creature suits from foam latex, L200, and urethanes. They have had animatronic mouths, tails, and quills. We have created interdimensional bugmen, a wolf made from plant matter, a water demi-god, and a full sized dinosaur suit!


Much of the work we create is for the props department on films and various TV shows. We can create saftey foam and rubber props from the real pieces, duplicating the details and paint job exactly. We build breakaway props too, including breakaway glass, ceramic, balsa, and even repeatedly breakable magnetic props.

We can bring hard-to-find or hard-to-build props to life, using your design our ours. Tolin FX has built hundreds of static and animatronic props. Our portfolio includes animals such as cats, birds, moose, frogs, chickens, fish, helgramite nymphs, and lots of prop guns including shotguns, rifles, machine guns, pistols, umbrella guns, and ray guns. We have made rocks and clocks, radios and radiators, car doors and car interiors, more mind control helmets that you would think, the same is true for fire pokers, swords and armor, alien eggs and monster eggs, and a ton of other cool stuff. We can also design or fabricate custom props of whatever else you need.


Blood and gore special effects is definitely one of our specialties, and we are proud to call ourselves blood slingers. We create bloody fx makeups from trauma to gore, prop bodies, prop heads and limbs, and live action blood effects such as neck slices, stabbings, shootings, etc.

We also invented Squib FX, the world's best practical gunshot special effects with no pyrotechnics. This means that actors no longer need to put an explosive on them to create the illusion of a gunshot wound. It also means affordable squib effects for production- no expensive technician, no insurance hurdles, no permits, etc.

Check out Squib FX- our non explosive air blood squibs at: squibfx.com


There are not too many shops that create miniatures anymore, but we are doing our part to help keep a dying craft alive. And thank goodness, because practical in camera models are becoming popular again as the digital revolution is becoming more everyday. We build miniature set pieces, model buildings and signs, forced perspective models. Tolin FX even builds model aircraft for Lockheed Martin and the Skunkworks program.

We utilize traditional model making techniques along with 3d printing, CNC machining, and laser cutting to fabricate our models. We can also look to molding and casting methods used in our fx makeup work to enhance them in nontypical and interestng ways. We also take the same approach to finishing, using automotive and traditional set painting techniques along with vinyl cutters and laser engraving to make our models as life like as possible.


Most costumes can really come together with that one signature piece that makes a statement. Its hard to make a powerful statement with off the shelf costume pieces. So designers will often come up with some crazy ideas about how to make such a center piece and we get to make it for them.

We construct specific pieces or the whole ensemble. We can work from your ideas and drawings or we can bring our unique fx makeup perspective to your costumes through our designs. Helmets, crazy hats, mind control helmets, super hero insignia, aging and battle damage, and armor are all good examples of times when our expertise have come in useful.