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Websites for Artists

Here at Tolin FX we have taken on yet another venture: web design!

It all started years ago when I was developing my very first website for TolinFx.com. Being an artist and having a background in graphic design, I decided to learn Dreamweaver and do the work myself so that I could achieve the exact branding, look and function I wanted. I found I really enjoyed the web design process, and continued to do each subsequent update and redesign myself.

Eventually my mom, who had recently opened a knitting and yarn shoppe asked me to build her a website (YarnAndCompany.net). This allowed me to explore a totally different look and fell to a website and began to help round me off a little as a web designer. Next was the “It Came from Yesterday” website (ItCameFromYesterday.com)for the sci-fi action/adventure creature film I produced with Jeff Waltrowski.

I loved building these sites and Dreamweaver and this is how I developed websites for years. Then came Season 5 of Face Off. I felt that being on the show would create a much brighter spotlight on our work and so I decided it was time for a major overhaul of my website. The new look would require me to really push myself into new territory with the newest version of TolinFX.com. So I spent weeks/months learning new programs, codes, and techniques to put my best foot forward.

It was after this intense period of growth that I applied the same techniques to recreate my mom’s site. Then my wife, mother by day / actor by night, says: “Why don’t you make me a website?” So I did (you can check it out at EricaHighberg.com). While doing research to build her website what she and I discovered is that very few of our artist friends and colleagues had websites. In fact, it appeared as though very few artists at all had websites.

So Websites-For-Artists.com was born. I decided to start a web design business which focused on serving artists, performers, and other creatives. As an artist, I get other artists. I want to help them to showcase their work and grow their businesses (because let’s face it: art IS a business.). And as a lover of web design, I want to use the skills I’ve learned to help other artists navigate this sometimes otherwise seemingly overwhelming art form.

Check out the Websites for Artists website: http://websites-for-artist.com