special effects, sfx makeup, custom props, costume fabrication


The Lieutenant of Inishmore

In 2007 we worked with Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre on the dark comedy The Lt. of Inishmore. It calls for some very difficult live action special effects, including four actors and a cat to be shot on stage in front of a live audience. We spent months researching and developing the technique to create the illusion of people being shot on stage. The result of this exhaustive effort is a system that an actor can wear and activate on their own as part of his performace. The effect is very convincing and the audiences were delighted by the shock it delivered. Because of the success of our work on PICT’s production of The Lt. of Inishmore we were then invited to build the effects by 15 different other productions all over the country and even as far as Lima, Peru. In Chicago in 2009 we won a Jeff Award for our work on Northlight Theatre’s production. We have since continued to develop the techniques and technology we implemented for The Lt. of Inishmore to create seamless and super reliable live action stage blood effects for a number of theatre projects. From our Inishmore work and the subsequent shows that it led to, we are considered one of the foremost experts on live action blood effects for the stage.