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Summer at Tolin FX: Part II

One of the many great things about living in Pittsburgh is that there is a wealth of talent and wonderful people. Chris Preksta is one of those people. Chris is a visionary filmmaker with a good heart and a sense of humor. We like that in a guy! And we love that we are working with Chris on his upcoming short film Echo Torch. You may know Chris from his SyFy series The Mercury Men or the web hit Pittsburgh Dad. We created  puppets and effects for Echo Torch and can’t wait to see the result.

Pittsburgh Dad himself, Mr. Curt Wooton, starred in a project we recently worked on called Bigfoot the Movie. We combined the resources of Tolin FX and Squib FX to design and create the Bigfoot make-up and do the bullet hit and blood effects for the film. Designing a Bigfoot makeup has always been a dream of ours, and we heartily thank filmmaker Jared Show for giving us the chance to make it a reality.  Bigfoot the Movie has had a great summer, touring the country with screenings and selling Bigfoot merch. Need a Bigfoot T-shirt? Of course you do! Get one at the Bigfoot Store.

 The Bigfoot folks were also vendors at this year’s Steel City Con. Tolin FX was there to help Bigfoot get into hair and makeup (really, you should see him before he has his coffee – he’s a monster.)  This was our first year at Steel City Con and look forward to more. And more Bigfoot! Might there be a sequel in the works? Only The Shadow knows. Check out  the movie when you get a chance, but only if you enjoy laughing.

 (Fun fact: Steve’s nephew Trey Snow played Bigfoot. Woot woot!)

 Tolin FX also did some special effects work for Kinetic Theatre Company’s Pittsburgh premiere of Sherlock’s Last Case, directed  by one of our favorite collaborators Andrew Paul and starring David Whalen and Simon Bradbury. Kinetic is one of Pittsburgh’s newest and most exciting theatre companies, and they have much more in store for audiences in the coming months.

Finally, we have been working on the Ark Encounter, another nascent project which we can’t say too much about, but you can learn more here: https://arkencounter.com/

So that gives you an idea of what we have been up to this summer! We will be posting more updates and project details soon. We have some red hot irons in the fire! We hope you’ve had a great summer too!

Next Up: Wizard World!  We will be there along with our great friend Rick Prince and his special effects company Malice in Mind FX Laboratory. We will update details as the con approaches.

-Tolin FX

Two images, side by side. The image on the left is a hand drawn image of a ghost-like creature with a face reminiscent of a gast mask, drawn by directo Chris Preksta.The image on the right is a high-contrast photograph of the final product, a ghost-like puppet with a mask-like face, created by Tolin FX.

“EchoTorch” Puppet Concept Sketch and Final Piece

Bigfoot stands on a street corner in front of a banner reading "Ellwood City." His arms are crossed, he's looking up, and he's ready to do some sight-seeing.

Bigfoot in Elwood City, PA.