special effects, sfx makeup, custom props, costume fabrication


Custom Props

We bring hard-to-find or hard-to-build props to life, using your design our ours.

Much of the work we create is for the props department on films and various TV shows. We can mold and cast parts in a number of rigid and flexible materials, duplicating the details and paint job exactly. We also use 3d printers and CNC machines to create parts to exact specs.

Tolin FX has built hundreds of static and animated props over the years. We have made rocks and clocks, radios and radiators, car doors and car interiors, more mind control helmets that you would think, the same is true for fire pokers, swords and armor, alien eggs and monster eggs, and a ton of other cool stuff. We can also design or fabricate custom props of whatever else you need.

Our portfolio also includes Animal Props such as cats, birds, moose, frogs, chickens, fish, helgramite nymphs, and even Dinosaurs!

We also create tons of Prop Stunt Weapons including blades and axes, bows and bombs, and of course prop guns including shotguns, rifles, machine guns, pistols, umbrella guns, and ray guns.