special effects, sfx makeup, custom props, costume fabrication





LWA; All Saint’s Eve is a feature film written and directed (and performed) by Face Off’s Rick Prince. The film tells a tale of Voo Doo magic and features all kinds of cool sfx makeup work. Rick’s main monster in the movie is a character known as the Treewolf. He was designed and fabrication was begun by Roy Wooley, also of Face Off fame. Our job was to bring the creature together and put on the final details. All of the stellar makeup work in the movie was done by Rick himself or his makeup coordinator Ben Rittenhouse.


Tolin FX brought the parts of the Treewolf creature together and put in all of the final detail that brought the monster to life. This included covering the creature in bits of real bark and wood bits along with building a 6′ long animatronic tail, which was operated by cable and pnuematics remotely.

We also did a number of stunt rigs for the movie, to illustrate characters being drug around by the tail of the Treewolf. For this we built a number of pulley block and tackle type drag rigs, a carbon fiber butt plate, and a second version of the tail that disguised the rope and was posable onto the actor’s foot and leg.

And we also ripped the arm off of one of the characters with the Treewolf tail. This involved an elaborate blood rig along with an arm rig that was fastened to the actor and our animatronic tail. We used well over 10 gallons of blood that day!

Which was a little less than we used when one of the movie’s strong female leads chops a villian almost in half with a machette. So of course we made a prop machette (from one of the 5 machette molds we have), but we also used our sweet Squib FX rigs to lauch jets of blood from the slimy torso too!!

And we handled any other physical FX that Rick needed while we were there along with our gear on location in Nashville, TN.


  • Creature Suits
  • Sculpting
  • Painting and Finishing
  • Blood FX
  • Custom special props
  • Animatronics
  • Molding and Casting


  • Steve Tolin- Creature & Blood FX Coordinator
  • Kyle Roberts- Creature & Blood FX Supervisor
  • Devin Seman- Animatronic Lead
  • Michael Strapac- Blood FX Lead
  • Jay Morrisey- Animatronic Artist
  • Eddie Holecko- FX Artist
  • Don Bumgarner- FX Artist
  • David Kim- FX Apprentice
  • Jackie Pickens- FX Apprentice
  • Brittany Dugas- FX Apprentice