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The Monster Squad

Last night we were lucky enough to shoot a commercial that featured our take on 9 classic horror villians. It was awesome! We got the initial call 7 days before and and didn’t get a confirmation until the next day, so we had six days to build these characters (which strongly resembled but did not infringe on the copyright of) Leatherface, Jason, Pennywise, Wolfman, Vampire, Zombie, Samara (from The Ring), one of the doll faced characters from Cabin in the Woods, and The twins from The Shining. We were to create the characters from head to foot.


So we had a creative discussion with the director and decided on what everyone would look like, trying to stay true to a blend of the most iconic iterations of each character. The costumer brought us pieces that we would then distress as part of creating the characters. So we lifecast two of the actors heads, hands, and teeth. Then Kyle Roberts, Allison Boyle, Michaeal Strapac and I spent 6 days sculpting, molding, and running foams and dental appliances for Wolfman prosthetic, dentures, and claws along with a Zombie face, hands, and teeth. Chucky Hendersot created our Leatherface mask and Pennywise appliance and Allison’s husband Sean Boyle spent some time with us distressing props and costumes. We also had to quickly order some National Fiber Technology fur (which they were awesome enough to create and ship within the couple of working business days that we had) and a pile of contact lenses to make the characters as cool as we could.


Doug Fairall, Allison Boyle, Kyle Roberts, Michael Strapac, Chucky Hendershot, Camille Smolucha, and Melanie Licatta and I were all on set for the applications, and Reema Anbari (who is a makeup artist friend on Facebook but I’ve not had the chance to work with yet) was there doing all of the straight and beauty make-up and helped us quite a bit especially on the The Shining twins. We all operated like a well oiled machine. Everyone worked super hard, had a lot of fun, were really creative and clearly did the best work that they could. It was a very passionate and enthusiastic group of artists to work with, which is my favorite. Production made sure we had everything we needed and we were well cared for.

At the end of the night we were all very pleased with the fruits of our labor and all rejoiced. Pics and video as soon as we’re allowed…