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New Studio Space

Red and white Tolin FX logo above the glass door to the studio, showing the studio lit from within against the surrounding darkness.


We are excited to announce that we have moved into new space! Tolin FX now proudly resides in the up-and-coming Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh. You can find us at the corner of Coast and Broadway at the heart of Beechview’s business district. If you ever take the Red Line into town you can see our shop from the trolley, just before Las Palmas and the Hampshire stop.

Our new shop is 7000 sq. feet with lots of ceiling height, affording us the space we need to tackle large projects, such as the four life boats we made for the locally produced Titanic movie Unsinkable and the Anzu wyliei dinosaur suit we created for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The stand-alone building gives us unprecedented access and autonomy, and we are working vigorously to outfit it to be the most productive and dynamic special effects studio possible.

The space houses a sculpting and design studio, make-up room, fabrication area, and full  kitchen. When completed, we will also have a temperature-controlled foam room and a spray booth dedicated to painting and other processes which produce fumes. We also have lots of room for storage, and wall space to exhibit our creations. We are excited and inspired to shape our new space into an artistic home, one which can meet the needs of our dynamic creative endeavors, from monster suits for creature features to small custom projects for private clients.

This space also gives us the capacity for mass production of sculptures, props, set pieces, and more. In addition to design, we also offer molding, casting, painting and finishing services for film, theatre, exhibitions, museums, and private sellers. We now have more flexibility to engage in large scale mass production.

Though we miss our friends and neighbors in the East End, we are loving our spot in Beechview. Recently Beechview has experienced a wave of revitalization, and has been featured in several news pieces highlighting some of Pittsburgh’s newly energized neighborhoods. NEXT Pittsburgh calls Beechview a “diverse, affordable neighborhood with good transportation.” Tolin FX is proud and excited to be a part of Beechview’s reimagining, and we’re looking forward to watching the business district flourish. (By the way, if you want a great taco try the outdoor stand at Las Palmas. Yum.)

We’re looking forward to a year of growth and joyful productivity at Tolin FX, and wish the same for you in 2018!