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Monsterpalooza and Doug Bradley

A banner depicitng the orange and yellow MONSTERPALOOZA logo on the left and the white and red TOLIN FX logo on the right. Behind the text are images of Tolin FX's work. On the left, an actor wearing a blue helmet covered in blue lights for the Nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas. In the center, the fake head of a middle aged man's highly realistic fake head created for the show Outsiders. On the right a clay sculpture of a monster head with large lips, pointed ears, and a menacing look.

For the very first time, Tolin FX will be participating in Monsterpalooza, the extravaganza celebrating the art of monsters and movie magic! This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the convention, which runs April 13-15 in Pasadena CA.  Owner/Operator Steve Tolin and Head Artist Kyle Roberts will be attending the show to represent Tolin FX.


We are pleased (ok, actually we are totally freakin’ PSYCHED) to be making our Monsterpalooza debut in collaboration with the the one and only Doug Bradley, aka “Pinhead” from the Hellraiser franchise (but you knew that.) He’s also one hell of a great guy (sorry, couldn’t resist.)


How did we meet up with Doug in the first place?


Our amazingly talented friends Allison and Sean Boyle were tasked with creating a new costume for Doug to wear for The Pinhead Experience in 2017, a slice of horror-movie life where fans could actually meet Pinhead in person on a set replicating the one from Hellraiser. Doug and his partner Steph Sciullo were in need of a new make-up as well, and the Boyles recommended Tolin FX. We loved Doug and Steph immediately and felt very honored to have the privilege of recreating the iconic Pinhead make-up for his event. We have enjoyed a partnership with Doug ever since and look forward to future endeavors, including our time at Monsterpalooza!


In addition to the Pinhead redux, Steve also recently redesigned Doug’s website, so you can keep up with all Doug’s news, appearances, and bits of wisdom he’d like to share. Check it out at dougbradley.com.

Tolin FX and Doug Bradley have some exciting news to unveil at Monsterpalooza, so be sure to come and say hi if you’re at the convention!  We will be updating our blog here at Tolin FX as well for those who are not able to travel to Pasadena for the show, so keep checking back. Such sights we have to...well – you know. See you at Monsterpalooza!