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LOCAL Pittsburgh Feature

Local Pittsburgh Magazine logo and text in blue layerd over image of a woman on a yellow bridge in against the backdrop of the city.

Recently Tolin FX was featured in the business section of LOCAL Pittsburgh. Staff writer Kristy Locklin traveled to our Beechview studio to check out our space and and interview founder Steve Tolin.

Local Pittsburgh is a magazine dedicated to mining the stories of the city’s rich tradition of cultural experiences and current events, covering a range of topics from fitness, lifestyle, arts and entertainment. Their mission is to “highlight all of the exciting and untold stories within the city walls.” Tolin FX thrives because of stories and storytelling. We make props and fx for theatre, the world’s oldest story form, for TV, film, puppet shows, and for some of the newest platforms, such as Netflix series, YouTube, and micro-content. We’ve worked on pieces from children’s shows to Biblical art to horror. We appreciate LOCAL Pittsburgh’s desire to share our story, and to be part of the business and arts sector of our awesome hometown.

Also featured online are the eateries Or, The Whale and D’s Six Pax and Dogz, the latter of which is a favorite of Steve’s children (the Dogz part, not the Six Pax. They’re not even ten yet, we’ll spare them the beer cave.) Read the rest of the issue to find out what you might be missing in Pittsburgh this week. You don’t want a case of #PGHFOMO, get out there and see what’s happening in our fair city!

Thanks to everyone at Local Pittsburgh for the shout out!

CLICK HERE to read the full piece!

Black and white image of Steve Tolin wearing a Squib FX T-shirt leaning against the glass pane of the door of the Tolin FX studio in Beechview

Steve Tolin in his Beechview studio


Steve Tolin stands between two actors in bloody zombie make-up with Local Pittsburgh Magazine Text layerd on top of the photo.

Steve Tolin + Zombies as featured in Local Pittsburgh Magazine