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Got ShopBot?

ShopBot brand logo with blue letters on white background

Me: So! You bought a robot!

Steve Tolin: What? No no. Not a robot. A ShopBot.

Me: Cool! Does is make toast? Like on The Jetsons?

ST: No, jagoff, it’s NOT a robot, it’s a ShopBot! A CNC machine.

Me: Ohhhh. Ok.

ST: ….

Me: ….

ST: You have no idea what that is, do you?

Me: Uh – no.

ST: A ShopBot is a high quality CNC machine.

Me: C-N-C, like the letters, or C+C, like the Music Factory?

ST: C-N-C, Charlie-November-Charlie. It stands for computer numerical control. It’s basically a giant carving machine controlled by a computer.

Me: Like a lathe?

ST: Yes, and a milling machine too, but much more versatile and complex. It can cut, or carve, on multiple axes and can be used on a variety of materials.

Me: What can you make with it?

ST: Just about anything. Signs, sculptures, furniture.

Me: Just like Tolin FX! (wink, wink)

ST: Yes, just like Tolin FX. ShopBot produces the most technically advanced CNC machines on the market. We always strive to be at the forefront of technology so that we can deliver the best service, design, and products to our clients.

Me: It’s computerized, so that means you would create or import the design in the computer, then send it to the ShopBot to be cut?

ST: In a nutshell. You can learn more about the specifics here.

Me: As a special effects shop and fabrication studio, do you think having a ShopBot will increase the kind of projects you can do?

ST: Absolutely. We make anything, but the ShopBot will help us to make anything faster, more exact, and with more consistency.

Me: Are there any projects you are using it for right now?

ST: Yes.

Me: Care to elaborate?

ST: Sorry, it’s confidential.

Me: So you could make anything?

ST: Just about!

Me: Could you make a robot?

ST: A robot that makes toast?

Me: Is there any other kind??

ST: We could make it happen. You bring the jam.

Me: Nah C+C Music Factory brings the jam! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

Large blue ShopBot brand CNC machine with human form for scale.

ShopBot CNC Machine