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Ghost Brothers CD

Mellencamp and Burnett have finally released the album that they recorded even before we did the show at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

We were super excited to get the call to do the onstage blood work for the world premiere of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a Stephen King amd John Mellencamp musical at the prestigous Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA. We totally updated the design and process of our live performance bullet hit rigs, dramatically reducing their size and increasing the precision. Along with several other blood effects for the show, we created two open skin forehead bullet hits and made the blood vanish from the walls on our command. Working with me in the shop in Pittsburgh were Dave Hartman, Allison Boyle, and (in his first theatrical venture) Mr. Zyphus Tolin. Zyphus then went with me to Atlanta for rehearsals and tech. The folks that we met and the lifelong relationships that came from that amazing adventure is one of the coolest gigs we’ve had the pleasure of working on so far.