special effects, sfx makeup, custom props, costume fabrication



The art of makeup effects transforms actors into characters.

At Tolin FX, we draw inspiration from industry legends like Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Jim Henson, and Dick Smith. By incorporating their time-tested techniques developed over the past century, we pay homage to the masters of special effects. In addition to studying the classics, we stay current with the latest trends in prosthetics and makeup through engagement with contemporaries and industry publications. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly seek and develop improved tools and techniques.

At Tolin FX, our expertise encompasses a diverse range of special effects makeups, including character, old age, monster, creature, zombie, and trauma effects. We offer comprehensive services, managing the entire FX makeup process from conceptualization to execution. This includes design, lifecasting, sculpting, prosthetic creation, makeup application, and on-set character management to ensure a consistently impressive appearance. Our creations utilize traditional techniques, incorporating build-up materials like collodion, wax, and latex. We also craft prosthetics using advanced materials such as gelatin, foam latex, silicone, vinyl encapsulation, and Pros-Aide transfers. Our goal is to push the boundaries of the industry while delivering exceptional FX makeups.