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Architectural Model Making & Miniatures

Practical, in camera models are becoming popular again in modern film. So, here at TolinFX we work hard on doing our best to keep a dying craft alive.  We utilize traditional model making skills along with 3D printing, CNC machining, and even molding and casting methods used in our FX makeup work to enhance our models in non-typical and interesting ways.  Fun fact, at TolinFX we are using a new type of 3D printing technology using resin and lasers to create high definition 3D prints that are then hardened in a UV chamber, this is just one exciting technique we use while fabricating our models.  We also take the same approach to finishings, using automotive and traditional set painting techniques along with vinyl cutters, laser cutting and engraving. This helps us create our models as life like as possible. TolinFX has even built a model aircraft for “Lockheed Martin” and the “Skunkworks Program”.  As well, we have also recently created architectural/miniature models for Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden’s new “Nature Lab” and “Center for Sustainable Landscapes” building’s.

When we get projects that involve model making , we begin with the design.  From draftings to illustrations, if these need to be created, this is a service TolinFX can provide as well. From there we turn to our in industry traditional, and 3D printing modeling techniques.  After the model is created physically it is then handed off to be painted, textured and sealed, and finally to have the final touches placed.

Here at TolinFX, not only are we doing our part in keeping a dying craft alive. We love to create and fabricate as most of the contractors here come from a practical effects and fabrication background, which almost always makes the work we do more enjoyable and fulfilling to create.