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Squib FX Special

Gross zombie from the Hillywood Sisters Parody of "The Walking Dead" lands on the ground, blood spurting from her head created by a Squib FX blood rig.

Part of a makeup effects artist’s job is to create realistic blood and wound effects. Armed with makeup palettes, prosthetic pieces, custom made or purchased, and a smattering of adhesives, the fx artist can use multiple techniques to create cuts, bruises, black eyes, scratches, and even severed body parts. But how do you create an active blood effect where blood flows, spurts, or sprays?

In the case of a gun shot wound, traditional explosives have been used to cause (fake) blood to shoot out of a bullet entry site. Traditional explosives are not widely accessible, however, and present a host of problems for a low budget or independent filmmaker. Special permits are needed to use these explosive devices, as is extra insurance, both of which add to a film budget’s bottom line. Set up takes a long time, which could lead to hours between takes. Finally, and most important, strapping explosive devices on a live actor is unsafe.

For over a decade Steve Tolin has been developing and working to perfect non-explosive squibs which are safe, affordable, and more effective than traditional explosive rigs. Using air rather than explosives he invented a series of squib rigs that deliver blood effects in a variety of ways, with more control over the final shot than explosives and with much less risk to the actor. From these devices Squib FX was created!

Squib FX is a sister company to Tolin FX, offering a variety of rigs to purchase depending on the needs of the effect. One of the most recent additions is a Remote Control Firing Unit which can be used with any of the rigs in order to cue the rig to fire remotely, giving the production even more freedom to set up a shot. The Remote Firing Unit is ideal for theatre as well, allowing the unit to be controlled from offstage.

One of the key issues of blood effects is achieving consistent results shot to shot. It is this consistency that Squib FX rigs help filmmakers and other artists to achieve in their work. Each rig is make by hand by a team of artists led by Mercedez Linke (aka, Head Bloodslinger) who can also create custom rigs for productions requiring something unique.

One of our favorite projects for which we used our rigs was this amazing parody of The Walking Dead produced by The Hillywood Sisters. It’s a video that really showcases our squibs and what they can do. We have many rigs to fit many needs and we are always excited to help you with your special project.

Also: we have shirts.

If your movie, production, or special project requires blood effects and you don’t want to blow a hole in your actor, check out the rigs on Squib FX! Easy, fun, safe, high quality, and part of the Tolin FX family.

Right now to celebrate Halloween Squib FX is offering a free 1/2 gallon of artisan small batch fake blood with the purchase of every squib. Click here for more details and to start slinging some blood!

Check out our Squib FX YouTube Channel for demos and videos, and be sure to visit the Squib FX Website as well! Happy slinging!