special effects, sfx makeup, custom props, costume fabrication


SFX Makeup

The art of makeup effects transforms actors into characters.

We have studied the masters such as Rick Baker, Stan Winston and Jim Henson, and Dick Smith and implement the tried and true techniques that they developed over the past century. We also look to our contemporaries and industry publications for the latest in prosthetics and new makeup, learning the newest cutting edge techniques. We also try to innovate the indu

stry ourselves, looking for better tools and techniques constantly.

At Tolin FX we create a variety of fx makeups, such as character, old age, monster, creature, zombie, and trauma. We can handle the entire fx makeup process from beginning to end. We can design, take lifecasts, sculpt and create prosthetics, apply the makeup, or manage the character on set to keep it all looking awesome. We create fx makeups out of the kit using traditional techniques and implement build up materials such as colladian, wax and latex, and create prosthetics using gelatin, foam latex, silicone, vinyl encapsulation, and pros-aide transfers.