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Serving the film, TV, theatre, and entertainment industries for 13+ years. Our work makes your work more awesome!


  • Special Make-up Effects
  • Blood and Gore Effects
  • Creature Design and Fabrication
  • Pneumatic Squibs and Bullet Hits
  • Specialty Props
  • Specialty Costumes
  • Suit Character Creation
  • Animatronics and Puppet Fabrication
  • Puppeteering and Character Performance
  • Mask Making
  • Miniatures and Bigatures
  • Molding and Replica Fabrication
  • Sculpture
  • Painting and Illustration
  • Film and Video Production
  • Production Design
  • Concept Design
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Computer Animation and Visual Effects
  • Special Event Displays
  • Art Installations


Tolin FX is here to design elegant solutions to your most difficult and unique creative challanges.

When you reach the point in your creative process when you find yourself asking, "Where do we get this?" or "Who can make that?", that's where we come in.

We're here to bring your imagination to life.


From stage and screen- a sampling of the range of our work.


We're always either wrapping up, knee deep in, or starting on some cool new project.

  • BlogImages_ALSuit

    Introducing The ALSuit

    Several months ago we were approached by a script supervisor friend of mine Meghan Graham to help her with taking care of her brother who had been diagnosed with ALS many months prior. Since being diagnosed with ALS Mr. Jeff Graham has been slowly losing nerve and motor function including the ability to hold his […]

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  • BlogImages_monster_squad

    The Monster Squad

    Last night we were lucky enough to shoot a commercial that featured our take on 9 classic horror villians. It was awesome! We got the initial call 7 days before and and didn’t get a confirmation until the next day, so we had six days to build these characters (which strongly resembled but did not […]

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  • We shot some of the footage along the most beautiful train tracks by a very peaceful confederate cemetary.

    Secret Zombies in Atlanta

    Kyle Roberts, Michael Strapac and I just got back from Atlanta, GA. We were invited to Atlanta this time as Squib FX to work on a still secret project to use our non-explosive bullet hit rigs to shoot up a bunch of zombies. Atlanta is a hot spot for zombie activity in recent years with […]

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